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Why not grab yourself a bargain in our Sale Room. Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries you may have, book a virtual viewing or make a purchase.

Can't find want you want? Check our items that have been and gone, we might be able to find exactly what you want when we are out and about..

Silver Picture Frame

£65.00 Silver Picture Frame Was: £120.00

Pottery Dish with Lid

£5.00 Pottery Dish with Lid Was: £12.00

Earthenware Pot

£10.00 Earthenware Pot Was: £18.00

Jasba Keramic Vase

£10.00 Jasba Keramic Vase Was: £16.00

Studio Pottery Vase

£12.00 Studio Pottery Vase Was: £22.00

Tremar Frog

£10.00 Tremar Frog Was: £18.00